The 2020 CILECT Congress at Westerdals Institute for Film and Media, Kristiania University College,

Oslo, Norway (4-9 October 2020) will incorporate a conference under the title


The global streaming platforms are disrupting traditional film and television linear storytelling and distribution models. The competition to make an impact is stronger than ever. But impact has both positive and negative connotations. Images could produce new ideas, but could also reinforce cultural stereotypes. Stories could reveal areas of human co-existence, but could also reproduce dominant ideologies.

Relevance in this context relate audio-visual education to societal change.

In putting the focus on impact and relevance in this conference, the aim is to emphasise the multiple spheres of influence that images and stories have. Access to technologies and the changes in audiences’ adoption and adaption to the new platforms requires a re-examination of education.

We encourage submissions that would address questions such as:

What shapes the audio-visual curriculum in the time of transformation of the technological means and the distribution platforms?

What are the new storytelling models in the age of serial and multilinear drama?

How can we bridge?

We expect:

Theoretical Presentations & Case Studies (up to 30 mins.)

Workshops (up to 60 mins.)

Exhibitions & Screenings All proposals must include:

An abstract (up to 200 words) that describes the content and form of the presentation or activity

A short bio of the proposer up to 100 words

A photograph of the proposer that is at least 1 MB and no more than 5 MB in size

Please send all submissions by email to