CFP: Journal of African Cinemas & The Conversation

The Journal of African Cinemas (JAC) is working with arts editor Charl Blignaut at The Conversation to increase exposure of African films in its pages.  The aim is to recruit short journalistic articles for The Conversation, which can in due course be repurposed into longer reviews of films and even articles for JAC – or anywhere. 

Also, current and recently published academic articles in JAC, Critical Arts,  or any journal, could be revised in short form for submission to The Conversation (TC), and linked to the published article.  This mechanism has been shown to  massively increase readers and citations of the original article first published in the academic journal. TC’s aim, of course, is to popularize academic work for the wider public and thereby to demonstrate its social relevance. 

Anyone interest to please contact Charl direct, or submit a pitch on The Conversation website.  Please cc me so we can track the impact of this call.  Charl Blignaut

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This notice is endorsed by the SACOMM Screen Studies interest group.