CFP: Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development Conference

CALL FOR PAPERS – Due Date 29th October 2019

in Ontario, Canada, 23-26 June 2020

Win a free iPad or Tablet

Conference Program Chair and Executive Director

Professor Gabriel Ogunmokun (PhD), Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development. Email:

Conference Associate Program Chair

Dr Lianxi Zhou, Professor of Marketing and International Business, Goodman School of Business, Brock University,

Niagara Region, St. Catherine, Ontario, Canada. Email:


1.     Publication in Internationally Recognized Refereed Journals: Outstanding competitive papers will be selected to be considered to be double-blind reviewed for publication in the following internationally recognized double-blind, peer-reviewed journals that are indexed in Cabell’s, Ulrich’s and EBSCO’s research database of academic journals: Journal of International Marketing and Exporting (JIME) ISSN 1324-5864; and Journal of Management and World Business Research (JOMAWBR) ISSN 1449-3179.

2.     Award for Best Doctoral Research Paper/Graduate Research Paper: A Certificate and AUD250 will be awarded for Best Doctoral Research Paper/Master Degree Research Paper.

3.     Award for Best Competitive Paper: A Certificate will be awarded for Best Competitive Paper. Commendation Certificates will also be awarded to a number of very good papers.

4.     Publication in Refereed Conference Proceedings: If your paper is accepted through the double-blind, peer review process and presented at the conference it will be published in the Conference Proceedings that has an ISBN. Participants will also receive a printed “Book of Abstracts”

5.     Certificate of Membership and Participation: You will receive a signed and sealed Certificate of Membership and Participation for presenting a paper(s) at the Conference. If coming as a non-presenter you will receive a Certificate of Membership from the Academy.

6.     Chance of Winning a free iPad or tablet: All delegates (presenters and non-presenters) who have paid their registration fee and who attend the Conference Dinner have a chance to win a free iPad or tablet through a random drawing of tickets. (The person whose number is drawn must be present at the Conference Dinner to win the prize).  However, AWBMAMD organizers including the Program Chair, the Associate Program Chair and the administrative staff of the institution hosting the conference cannot win this prize.

7.       Networking Opportunity: You will have opportunities to network with participants from many countries around the world.

8.     Book Publication Opportunity:  Papers presented at the conference can also be recommended to be double-blind, peer-reviewed for possible publication as book chapters in a refereed research book.


PRESENTERS: People can attend the Conference if they have submitted a paper which has been double blind, peer reviewed and accepted and if they have paid the registration fee.

NON-PRESENTERS: People can also attend the Conference as an observer to listen to the presentations of papers without presenting a paper of their own, if they have paid the registration fee.


Irrespective of the size and type of a business organization, it must grow in its profit or at least break even to survive in this highly competitive dynamic business environment. To assist business and non-business organizations in their quest for excellence, growth and contribution to the economy and society, the Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development (AWBMAMD) aims to share research knowledge that exists in the world in various areas of business through double blind peer review conference papers and publications. For this  conference we are is inviting papers in all areas that will shed some light on issues that are of paramount importance to managing, marketing and financing organizations successfully for growth and development. 

Manuscripts for the 9th Biennial 2020 AWBMAMD conference are invited in terms of competitive papers, case studies, research in progress, special sessions and doctoral research papers in any of the various track areas specified on this website which include marketing, management, finance, accounting, human resource management, organizational behaviour, information technology and systems, foreign direct investment, e-business/e-marketing, education administration, economics, tourism and hospitality, transportations, health care, entrepreneurship, business law, leadership style, privatization, management and marketing of online institutions etc.


Track 1. Agribusiness Marketing and Management

Track 2. Business, Marketing and Management in Transitional Economies

Track 3. Consumer Behaviour and Psychology

Track 4. Current Issues in Business, Marketing and Management in Africa

Track 5. Current Issues in Business, Marketing and Management in Asia

Track 6. Current Issues in Business, Marketing and Management in America

Track 7. Current Issues in Business, Marketing and Management in Australia and New Zealand

Track 8. Current Issues in Business, Marketing and Management in Europe

Track 9. Economics, International Trade and Banking

Track 10. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

Track 11. Environmental Marketing and Management Issues

Track 12. Business Ethics, Social Responsibility and Legal Issues

Track 13. Finance, Foreign Direct Investments, Accounting and Taxation

Track 14. Globalization and International Management

Track 15. Health Care Marketing and Management

Track 16. Human Resource Management and Occupational Health and Safety

Track 17. Information Systems, E-Commerce, E-Marketing

Track 18. International Business and International Marketing

Track 19. Management and Organizational Behaviour

Track 20. Strategic Marketing and Management

Track 21. Marketing and Management of Education

Track 22. Marketing and Management of Non Profit Organizations

Track 23. Public Administration and Social Policy

Track 24. Social Media, Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing

Track 25. Services Marketing and Relationship Marketing

Track 26. Technology/Research and Development and Innovation

Track 27. Tourism and Hospitality Marketing and Management

Track 28. Operations Management, Transportation, and Aviation Management

Track 29. Women in Leadership and Management

Track 30.Workshops and Special Sessions or Symposium (You can suggest any other areas you are interested in if not listed in the above areas)

Track 31. Doctoral Research/Master degree Research Papers

Track 32. Sports Marketing/Sports Management in Local or Global Environment


Your submission can be in any of the following four categories:

 An abstract only paper of least 100 words but not more than one page; or

 A proposal/work in progress paper to be no longer than 5 pages; or

 A competitive full paper to be no longer than 15 pages; or

 A literature review paper to be no longer than 15 pages but needs to provide theoretical insights based on reviews of relevant literature.

Email all manuscripts to

(i) Professor Gabriel Ogunmokun, Executive Conference Director/Program Chair  and

(ii) Copy the email containing your paper to the track chair of your paper. If necessary authors can contact the Executive Conference Director/ Program chair. to seek guidance on matching their papers to track area(s).  When the manuscript is received it will be sent out to be double-blind, peer reviewed. More information about guidelines to follow in submitting your papers can be found on:

CFP: International Communication Association 2019 Pre-conference

CALL FOR PAPERS – #CommunicationSoWhite: Discipline, Scholarship, and the Media

Call for Submissions:

International Communication Association 2019 Pre-conference

#CommunicationSoWhite: Discipline, Scholarship, and the Media

Friday, May 24, 2019
Washington D.C., USA


As part of an ongoing movement to decenter white masculinity as the normative core of scholarly inquiry, the recent article, “#CommunicationSoWhite” by Chakravartty et al. (2018) in the Journal of Communication examined racial disparities within citational practices to make a broader intervention on ways current Communication scholarship reproduces institutional racism and sexism. The underrepresentation of scholars of color within the field in regards to citations, editorial positions, and publications and ongoing exclusion of nonwhite, feminist, queer, post-colonial, and Indigenous voices is a persistent and systemic problem in the production of disciplinary knowledge. ICA President Paula Gardner echoed similar sentiments in her 2018 presidential address, calling for steps for inclusion and diversity within the International Communication Association as well as the larger field.

This pre-conference aims to highlight, consider, and intervene in these issues. We seek submissions that address areas such as:

·       The marginalization of communication scholarship in which race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and other axes of exclusion are central;
·       Communication scholarship in the context of the global rise of white supremacy and right-wing ethno-nationalism movements;
·       Communication scholarship from postcolonial and decolonial perspectives;
·       Who tends to be hired and who serves as leaders/gatekeepers in the field;
·       The politics of citation and publication;
·       How #CommunicationSoWhite can function as an intervention within communication studies organizations, departments, and scholarship. 

We anticipate many submissions will center on the U.S. and other Western contexts; we also hope the pre-conference will provide a discussion that spans both global North and South, and we encourage participation by submitters from outside North America and the U.K.

Please submit either an EXTENDED ABSTRACT or a PANEL PROPOSAL. 

Extended abstracts should be 1,500-3,000 words, including notes and references.  We encourage different types of submissions including position papers, case studies, and more conventional research papers that tackle any issue relating to the preconference themes.

Panel proposals should include a minimum of four participants.  We will accept panels following a traditional format where presenters each speak for 10-15 minutes before a Q-and-A period.  We also encourage panel proposals that do not follow such a format; e.g. consider high-density panels, which have six or more participants who each speak for 6 minutes or less, or panels where panelists circulate their papers to each other ahead of time to generate a more engaged discussion during the presentation session.  Provide a 400-word rationale describing the panel overall, a 200-word abstract for each participant’s contribution, and a list of participants’ names, affiliations, and contact information. 

Travel grants: Depending on funding availability, we may have the ability to offer one or two modest travel grants (maximum $400).  If you are a graduate student and/or a scholar resident in a non-Tier A country (see for a list), please note this status in your submission and indicate that you would like to be considered for a travel grant.

Exclusions: Submissions should not consist primarily of previously published or in-press scholarship. 

Deadline: Please submit by Thursday, February 7, 2019, 16:00 UTC, by emailing BOTH Eve Ng at and Khadijah Costley White at

Attendance by non-presenters: Those who are not presenting are also welcome to register for attendance. (Registration information to come shortly.)

If you have questions, please contact both of the following pre-conference organizers:

Eve Ng:

Khadijah Costley White:


The pre-conference will take place on Friday, May 24, 2019, in Washington D.C., USA, at a venue close to the ICA conference hotel.  Exact location will be announced when it is finalized.  The pre-conference will end in time for participants to attend the opening plenary in the evening at the Washington Hilton.

Eve Ng, Ohio University, USA
Khadijah Costley White, Rutgers University, USA
Alfred L. Martin, Jr., University of Iowa, USA
Anamik Saha, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

Organizing Groups:
Ethnicity and Race in Communication division
LGBTQ Studies interest group

Activism, Communication and Social Justice interest group
Feminist Scholarship division
Global Communication and Social Change division
Mass Communication division
Popular Communication division

Dr Anamik Saha
Senior Lecturer and Co-Convenor of MA  Race, Media and Social Justice
Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies
Goldsmiths, University of London
SE14 6NW

Direct line: + 44 207 717 3258

Office: Rm 238
The Professor Stuart Hall Building (PSH)

Twitter: anamik1977
My latest book, Race and the Cultural Industries, is now available from Polity: