#SACOMM23 – Call for Abstracts

Media and Communication Education: Driving Change

27-29 September 2023

AFDA Johannesburg Campus


Future proofing places of learning and study has never been a more pressing need than now. Unemployment of graduates and the looming integration of AI in all society brings an urgency to develop new ways of research, learning and teaching which best suit the needs of our society and the workforce of the future. Calls for a decolonial curriculum in the Global South keep getting louder.

It is imperative for the academic field of media and communication to find ways to best integrate AI and embracing the possibilities it brings whilst still developing the human capital who needs to work with it.

#SACOMM23 aims to explore the current and future impacts of decolonisation and AI on media and communication education, and to bring together researchers, educators, industry professionals, and students to share their research, ideas, and experiences.

We invite submissions of research papers, case studies, and work-in-progress reports that explore the following themes:

  • The use of AI in media and communication education in the Global South
  • Epistemological challenges and opportunities in decolonising AI in media and communication education
  • The role of media and communication education in promoting social justice and equity in the Global South
  • AI and media production, distribution, and consumption
  • AI and journalism: opportunities, challenges and future prospects in the Global South
  • AI and strategic communication: trends, impacts and future possibilities
  • AI and social media: implications for communication in the Global South
  • Ethical considerations in AI and media and communication education
  • Pedagogical approaches to teaching AI in media and communication education
  • Industry perspectives on decolonisation and AI disruption in media and communication
  • The impact and engagement of AI on Screen, and within the entertainment industry.


Submissions may come from a range of disciplines, including but not limited to communication studies, media studies and journalism, communication education and advocacy, strategic communication and screen studies.

Abstracts will be peer-reviewed and accepted papers will be presented at the conference either in a traditional presentation format or as part of a panel.

When submitting your abstract, indicate the stream your abstract submission should be allocated to.

Abstracts should be submitted using the abstract submission form, which can be downloaded from https://sacomm.org.za/sacomm-2023-abstract-submission-form-2/

and sent to the address: sacomm2023@afda.co.za

Submissions which are not submitted on the correct form will not be accepted. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Submission deadline: 20 May 2023

The conference organisers will notify authors about the status of their contributions via e-mail by end of June 2023.


Please check back here for more information about registration which will be published in due course.