Don’t Panic

The Premise • Why is Don’t Panic Important?

It is a rough time especially for our little ones. We have created a free Motion Book to explain this situation to our children. People lose their jobs, stay in quarantine, kids can’t go to school or even play outside with their friends. Download the Madefire Motion Book App and read the animated comic on your mobile device for free. The book is currently available in 15 languages with more scheduled.

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SAFM Radio interview for Don’t Panic. April 27 2020 – Web Articles:

  • Webinair : HELPING CHILDREN TO COPE WITH THEIR FEARS ABOUT COVID-19 chaired by Professor Deevia Bhana DATE : Wednesday, 08 July 2020 TIME : 16h00 – 17h00 (GMT+2) Topic ‘Helping children learn through visual storytelling enabled by new technologies.’
    Register: “Why stories ? Because the soul’s way of communicating is to teach.” (Campbell, 1968)