Call for Applications: Research Lecturer

AFDA Johannesburg, School of Postgraduate Studies

AFDA (The School of the Creative Economy) is the leading school of its kind in South Africa, offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Motion Picture Medium, Live Performance, Business Innovation and Technology.
AFDA is a full member of CILECT, the association of the world’s major film and television schools.

Applications are invited for the position of:

Research Lecturer – School of Postgraduate Studies

The AFDA Honours degrees in Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance build on the undergraduate degrees by intensifying the learning experience of Practice-Led Research/Research-Led Practice. The AFDA MFA Programme focusses on Motion Picture Medium only.

The degrees are divided into three equally important components: Core Course, Research Development and Discipline. In the creative arts there is an accelerating recognition that creative practice is a form of research. For the purposes of these degrees, the idea that the practical component and research inform each other and go hand in hand is implemented by applying the ideas of Research-led-Practice / Practice-led-Research.

Core Course (CC), also called core curriculum, refers to a series or selection of courses that all students are required to complete. The general educational purpose of a CC of study is to ensure that all students take and complete courses that are considered to be academically and culturally essential. This course covers aspects of the Humanities which are essential when pursuing a degree In the creative economies.

Students will be introduced to academic methodologies and research practice in the Research Development (RD) stream. The Research Development will result in the completion of a dissertation and a practical research project at the end of the degree programme.

Key Areas of Competency:

  • Delivering the majority of lectures (contact and virtual) in the Research Development stream of both Hons. and MFA degrees, but also – as need and personal interest may lie, in the Core Course and Discipline Streams.
  • Evaluating Students in Formative and Summative Assessments
  • Conducting student consultations and reflective meetings
  • Preparing content and lesson plans for each term
  • Assessment registration for the all PG Research assessments
  • Working with counterparts to ensure parity across all campuses on term outcomes
  • Attendance registers and class management administration
  • Management of Supervision for both Honours and MFA Students.
  • Timetable planning with all Postgraduate Staff.
  • Curriculum development


  1. Experience in the Tertiary Education Sector (Private or Public) / Academia.
  2. Minimum qualification: a relevant PhD degree (Education or equivalent field). PhD Candidates who will graduate within due course may also apply. 

Personal Attributes

  • Assertive
  • Emotionally Intelligent
  • Focused
  • Professional
  • Responsible
  • Internally motivated and independent
  • Open minded and curious

Please send the following to no later than Tuesday, 27.04.2021

  • CV (certificates of qualifications are not required at this stage, but at a later stage)
  • Cover letter (including contact details)
  • Academic and Personal References
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


Type:                            Full-time fixed-term contract

Campus location:       Auckland Park, Johannesburg

Start date:                     May 2021

Salary:                          Negotiable on experience and qualification.