Extended: Indication of Interest Group Involvement in 2020

Dear SACOMM Community,

As indicated in a previous email, our annual conference will not go ahead as planned this year, due to the COVID-19 virus and restrictions around it. We do want to make sure, however, that we stay connected within the greater SACOMM community, and especially in our smaller interest groups. Part of that is having an up-to-date list of members who want to form part of these respective groups. Please fill out the form, accessible from this link:


It will allow you to select those groups that align to your interest (research, teaching or otherwise). Interest group convenors will use the information provided to communicate with their members and schedule activities. Not to worry, however, you will still receive general information via our Listserv as always.

We ask that you please complete the form by the 24th of July (Extended to 01.08.2020) so as to allow our interest group convenors to start communicating with interested parties from August onwards.