Secondhand Cultures in Unsettled Times

Online Symposium hosted by the School of Media, Journalism and Culture,
Cardiff University, 15-16 June 2021. Tuesday 15 June & Wednesday 16 June 
2-9pm GMT, online.

Secondhand cultures and practices, from reselling sites to charity shops 
and thrift stores to waste picking, have expanded and transformed over 
recent decades, with profound social, political, and environmental 
implications. This Symposium brings together scholars and practitioners 
from around the world to explore secondhand cultures in unsettled times. 
Please join us for a lively line-up of research panels, hands-on 
workshops, practitioner & educator talks, short films, book talks, and 
plenty of opportunities for participants to connect and share ideas.

With keynote talks from:

Professor Angela McRobbie, Goldsmiths, University of London

Professor Avril Maddrell, University of Reading

And presentations from

Professor Rebecca Earley, Centre for Circular Design, UAL

Professor Lucy Norris, UCL – among others!

Booktalks with:

Tansy Hoskins, /Stitched Up: The Anti-capitalist Book of Fashion/, 2014

Rachel Lifter, /Fashioning Indie: Popular Fashion, Music and Gender/, 2018

15 June speakers include: Dr Natalie L. Mann; Dr George Campbell
Gosling; Dr Cheryl Roberts; Dr. Aulia Rahmawati; Brigitte Stockton; Dr 
Elaine Igoe, Susan Noble, Lara Torres and Jennifer Cunningham; Claire 
Wellesley-Smith; Jon Stobart and Sara Pennell; Lorna Flutter; Dr 
Jennifer Le Zotte; Violet Broadhead; Siobhan Kelly; Gesche Huebner; Dr 
Jennifer Lynn Ayres; Maya Wassell Smith; Vita Kurland; Dr Triona Fitton; 
Petra Seitz, Nia Thandapani and Gregor Wittrick

16 June speakers include:*Prof Mark Joseph O’Connell; Dr Gesche
Huebner; Kyra G. Streck and Kelly L. Reddy-Best; Debarati Sarkar; Dr 
Alida Payson; Brenda Mondragón and Diana Morales; Elena Johansen; Dr 
Lucy Wishart; Ceylan Akbas and Eva Souchet; Lindsay Parker; Rhiannon 
Craft; Dr Annebella Pollen; Rose Sinclair; Naomi Dunstan; Helen 
O’Sullivan; Prof Becky Earley and the CharioCity team

Vintage scholars, sellers & developers: Dr Liz Tregenza; A.
Cleopatra, Vêtement Vintage; Liisa Jokinen, Gem, a vintage search app; 
and Pilar Garibay, Bodega No. 3

Workshops/talks with:

Wendy Ward, author and practitioner; Dhamar Romo Chavez of FABSCRAP,
NYC; Hannah Carter of *Love Not Landfill* and *ReLondon*; Liz Ricketts
and The OR Foundation; Dismantle Magazine; the Centre for Circular

& Dr Amy Twigger Holroyd w/ Fashion Futures; Kat Roberts w/ Fabric Scrap 
Twine; Dr Jules Findley w/ Mending, secondhand and the tacit

Organised by Dr Alida Payson, Cardiff University, Dr Jennifer Lynn 
Ayres, NYU, and Dr Triona Fitton, University of Kent, and Kamila Buczek, 
Cardiff University

The event is free, but please register here: