The Lesser Violence Reading Group

Join us this Wednesday (21 October, 2020) at 13:00 (GMT+2) for the 3rd session of this year’s Lesser Violence Reading Group. 

VIAD & GALA are honoured to welcome Dee Marco and Kathleen Eberson as our facilitators for the session! As co-hosts of the Mamas with Attitude podcast, Dee and Kathleen will be speaking to feminist parenting and radical and everyday practices of care.    

  “Dee Marco and Kathleen Ebersohn come at the project of mothering with mutual curiosity, but with different modalities and approaches. This is celebrated in their podcast, Mamas with Attitude (MWA) where there are many intersecting elements, themes and positions, yet they muse about mothering and the project of mothering in its multitude of capacities, differently”   

  Kathleen is currently interested in the ways in which motherhood can be experienced as a trauma or a wound, especially in matrescence, the transition in becoming a mother, and whether stories can be used as a balm for trauma. Dee’s interest in the broad topic of motherhood centers on motherhood as performance and as action. This action, best described as motherhood as verb and action, takes on various forms of radical and everyday care seen in experiences and practices.
PLAYLIST: Click here to access the playlist of media and readings Dee and Kathleen have assigned for the session. Please remember to engage with the playlist before attending the live chat session.  

REGISTRATION: please note that in keeping with the group’s intention to create enabling and caring discursive spaces, the online chat room will be limited to 25 people or fewer. Please click on the button below to register. ! Register Here